Nowadays academic reinforcement has become the primary focus of schools. They ensure that your child succeeds in academics. However, they fail to understand that academics do not ensure the complete development of a child’s brain and personality. Therefore, Positive Ally is offering after school leadership programs in Issaquah. The leadership programs include summer camps for kids in Issaquah and after school child care in Issaquah. We offer the best summer camps in Issaquah and after school care in Issaquah.

Our after school program in Issaquah is conducted by certified teachers. They provide academic assistance to your child outside of school. The program has an individualized 30-day study plan covering homework, organized sports, and extracurricular activities.

The summer camps in Issaquah are designed to engage your child in fun learning activities like visual arts, theater, destination imagination, and public speaking etc. These activities teach your child to socialize with people and cope with real-life situations.

  Our after school programs in Issaquah and summer program for kids in Issaquah are designed to ensure your child’s overall development. Through these programs, we teach your child interpersonal skills, communication skills, and self-management skills. We, at Positive Ally, work to develop your child’s critical thinking and decision making skills.
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